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Nearing the End of My Course
by Elizabeth Crewes
I cannot believe that I have almost completed four years with the Congregational Federation Practical Theology course. There have been times when time dragged and I wondered what I was doing, and why was I putting myself through the anguish.  On the whole it has been worthwhile and I have enjoyed meeting others on our weekends away and sharing our concerns about assignments! Unfortunately this last year has had to be done remotely via Microsoft teams from my living room. I must say that real Nottingham is much better than Virtual any day. As I said previously, I enjoyed meeting with the others, the virtual method is a bit sterile.

During this last year I have had to undertake some research, I looked at how the churches of Isleworth could work closer together. The aim was to have a join service for Pentecost, unfortunately a pandemic put paid to that, and as it turned out it would have been rained off too. The group I formed were mainly local clergy who were willing to help me look at whether we could work together. The answer was yes we could although we still have some way to go before we have set up anything. I am hoping to set up a working party in July looking at the possibility of a joint service in early September where people from all the local churches would be invited and other opportunities looked into and planned.

Thank you for your prayers of support during the course. I do recommend the course for anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge and faith, it can be very hard and frustrating but it’s worth it.


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