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MAY 2021

Deacons’ Page
And so we move into May …on our steady path out of Covid restrictions leading hopefully onto a normal way of being and living by the middle of June.  If we are all sensible and continue to follow the restrictions still in place we should, according to various government offices, be free to do just about what we like after June 21st.  That does assume that the silly folk we see on the news reports all crowding into pub gardens and in parks and on beaches don’t derail everything and we end up with a massive spike in covid cases and another lockdown!  Oh please not… I for one have been enjoying the chance to meet up in parks and gardens with friends and family … not all at once though.  I am however finding it a bit strange when there are more people around.  I have obviously got used to solitude and small numbers, I think it will take a while to be able to go happily into a crowded Tescos or school corridor.  Or even church.  Too many people… stay away, keep your distance!

It does take time to get back to a previous way of being… we will all get there in our own good time, there’s no mad rush.  If this pandemic has taught us anything, I hope it is that it is people not things which are important at least to most of us (as long as we have sufficient loo roll!!)  We have realised the importance of human contact, friendship and care.  We as a church have kept in contact with each other by multifarious means and I hope everyone has felt that there are people there to help if needed… and I’m sure this will continue.  We are not out of this pandemic yet, but when we are back to normal let’s not lose that sense of care and concern for each other.  We are a congregation… in more ways than one.

May is supposed to be blessing us with good weather … according to the weather forecasters.  Time to get in the garden and grow things!  Growing things always gives a sense of hope… there’s good things happening under the ground!  Plant those tomatoes, sunflowers, beans and peas.  If any of you are feeling energetic, we do need to do work in the church garden at the side of church.  Can you spare time to pull up some weeds?  Tidy things up a bit?  Maybe a bit of planting..  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Now we are back in church for services, we need to get back into the old order and habits of things that need doing. The flower rota has obviously been in abeyance for a while but we do need people to provide and display flowers in church each week.  If you would be able to do so please see Trisha.

There will be a church meeting after church on Sunday 23rd May.  We are unable to hold meetings mid-week as yet so after church service is our only way of trying to get everyone together to be able to deal with the general day to day running of our church.  Church members do please make every effort to be there.

We do hope you are all keeping safe, well and happy..

With every blessing
The Deacons.


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