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The Passion Week

by Neha Narne

WWe begin on Palm Sunday
Entry to Jerusalem, triumphant and yet
Our Lord, Saviour, King
Riding a donkey
Into a jubilant procession
Of waving palms and cloaks across the ground, where,
If the crowd was silent
The stones themselves would cry out
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Are spent in anticipation of,
Reflection on what is to come
Readings in church
Studying gospel stories
Waiting for the coming of the Saviour

Maundy Thursday comes next
The day of the Last Supper
The day our Lord was betrayed
And the day He offered His body and blood
That we may partake of the Holy Communion
And be spiritually united with Christ

Then, it’s Good Friday
The day of the crucifixion
The ultimate sacrifice
Purging the sins of the undeserving world
And bringing the gift of salvation
To Jews and Gentiles alike
We might go to the play in Trafalgar Square
Or perhaps to a service in church
Always pondering
The unfathomable act
Of the Messiah’s unending love

Easter Saturday arrives
And the excitement is almost too much to contain
Decorations are all over the house
And volunteers drape them in church too
The treats are laid out on the table for tomorrow
And all the clutter is cleared away
In preparation for Jesus’ coming
That we may welcome in
A new life, a new attitude, a new beginning
A new way of being with Him

And finally, it’s here
The glorious Easter morning
Bright with hope and the promise
Of unconditional, unfailing love
We traipse to church once again
Decked out in our Sunday best
To receive our newly risen Lord
There are flowers blooming wherever you look
As if chosen specially for this day
And family members come over for lunch
A special one now that Lent is done

And as the Passion Week closes,
We remember
What the festivities are really all about
The grace, hope, peace, mercy
And above all,
Eternal love
Of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ
Giving His life on the cross for us
And rising three days later
So that the scripture may come true
And all shall see the power of God
Resting on the whole world through
And the promise we keep in our hearts
At the core of our faith
That He will return
To be with us
And we with Him

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