to Alexander Moody aged 3 on July 26th
(apologies for getting wrong month last two years)

& to Matthew Jackson on August 14th

& to Jeannette Butler on August 20th

& to Dilys Williams also on August 20th

& to Amanda Hogan on August 25th


Something Missing?

There is no article from Donald Burling this month – but for a very good reason. We have received an e-mail from him…

“Sorry there is nothing from me this month. I think I have a reasonably good excuse; being currently in Thackley Green Specialist Care Centre having been moved from Northampton General Hospital. Not that I have received a lot of specialist care yet. I hope to have some better news by next month.

Affectionate greetings to all your readers.


You don’t need to apologise, Donald, and you certainly don’t need any ‘excuse’. We are very grateful that you continue to think of us and we much appreciate your monthly contributions.

Let’s all remember Donald in our prayers and pray that he will soon receive the ‘specialist care’ that he needs.

Please Consider This…

We are called as Christians to give generously and with a joyful spirit for the work of the church. The collections we give help in the running of the church in so many ways, we can budget for bills and look to our charity output. We thank you for all that you do, BUT…

Have you ever wondered if you can increase your giving through the weekly collection? You can even do this without increasing the amount you give, if you are a tax payer because you are working, or retired and paying tax on your savings. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC); will give the church 25% as Gift Aid from each person who signs up to give their collection through the scheme. Please consider doing this if you are not already signed up to do so, it is very easy to do and you only have to confirm your name and address.

If you are interested in contributing in this way please speak to me.

Elizabeth Crewes