Whom should we “blame” for the Crucifixion?

by Phil Andrews It’s a shame that the relatively impressive turnout for our Easter Sunday morning services would appear to have triggered an outbreak of worship-fatigue just at the wrong moment, leaving our pews all but deserted by the time the evening had come around. Those who agree with me that Antony’s sermons typically range […]

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How to use the Church website to reach out to the world – and to each other

by Phil Andrews It has been many years now since Isleworth Congregational Church first launched its website, but the recent improved version provides us with a whole range of opportunities to reach out into the wider community, as well as to interact with one another at our own leisure, outside of organised Church activities. Just […]

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Beware the Pranks of April!

supplied by Sally Moody San Serriffe was an island nation which appeared in an extended article in Britain’s Guardian newspaper. It was featured in a seven-page supplement, published in the style of contemporary reviews of foreign countries, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the island’s independence, complete with themed advertisements from major companies. The supplement provided […]

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