If there is this love among you, then all will know that you are my disciples

by Rev. Antony W. Ball As I type this, our Harvest Supper is scheduled for tomorrow evening but, by the time you read this, it will have taken place and will, I trust, have been enjoyed – although it’s unlikely that there’ll be as many of us as in this photograph. It’s one of the […]

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Deacons’ Page – September 2023

We’ve had a relatively ‘quiet’ holiday month, without much happening apart from our services of worship, which some (not quite all) of us have very much appreciated; but from September we’ll be getting back to normal in most ways. We’ve solved ‘the pigeon problem’, without draining the Church’s finances, thanks to an extraordinarily generous donation […]

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A Day in the Life of Isleworth Congregational Church

by Phil Andrews Those of us who attend services at Isleworth Congregational regularly tend to take the format pretty much for granted. But what might the passer-by, who routinely walks past our Church building on a Sunday morning or evening, think is going on behind our austere, imposing portals? Or for that matter what would […]

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