Deacons’ Page – May 2024

Deacons' Page

Well Spring has well and truly sprung with all the lovely flowers and blossom on the trees. Apologies for any for whom this brings on hay fever and sneezes. We have also had the variable weather of April, which hopefully will improve and be warmer too.

Our meeting on the 6th of April to discuss how we can ‘Save Our Church’ was well attended by Church Members and friends old and new. Lots of suggestions and ideas were given, more in an article by Phil. We ended the meeting with a soup and bread and cheese and a good mix of conversation. We pray that God will guide us in the right path in the coming months.

The door to the church boiler would not open, so a locksmith was called. Due to the age of the door the lock had to be removed and a new key made. This was duly done, but when the locksmith came to put the lock back in place he accidentally broke one of the glass panes. This has now been repaired.

Another job which was outstanding was the testing of the electrical equipment, PAT testing, which was done on both our own and Hosanna’s equipment, everything tested passed.

At the previous Church Meeting we agreed to reintroduce the communion collection, this will commence in May.

This month we are returning to having the Church Meeting on the fourth Wednesday of the month. This was held on the 24th of April.

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