Deacons’ Page – June 2024

Deacons' Page

We reached a quorum – incrementally – at May’s Church Meeting, which was for the best as we concluded what had been a somewhat benign gathering of the few with a hearty discussion about the future of our Sunday evening service. It is no secret that said service has been poorly attended for many years, almost invariably by people who also attend the morning service, and we shared some thoughts on whether this replication was perhaps not the best use of Church time and resources in the light of some of the ideas which had emerged from the recent Brainstorming Meeting.

Of course no decision of this magnitude should be taken lightly, and so it was agreed that we would hold a special meeting after the morning service on July 14th to ascertain the views of our wider membership and congregation. Whilst not constitutionally binding it would be helpful to us to know what others feel, so please do make the effort to attend Church on that morning and to hang around for the meeting (at which refreshments will be available).

As always there was more than just that one item to discuss. Elizabeth gave us a summary of events from the recent Congregational Federation May Assembly, which she had attended on our behalf. Absent friends were asked about, reported on and remembered in our prayers. The new, updated Register of Church Members and Friends had now been completed and copies would be made. Our Safeguarding Policy had been submitted to the Federation and we were awaiting confirmation of whether it had been approved. The proposed Plant Sale on June 8th, which was originally to have been held in the Church Hall, would now take place from Sally’s front garden to sidestep logistical problems created by the staging of a major rugby event at Twickenham on the same day.

The first issue of the impending A5 community newsletter would hopefully be available from June 18th, and a second kind offer of assistance for its distribution was received. If anybody else is up for delivering a few, even if only to their own street, please see Phil to make the necessary arrangements.

Let us hope this latest flurry of activity from some of our valued members and worshippers can be not just maintained, but built upon. We may be few, but with God’s help our determination will yet give our Church a secure future.

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