Deacons’ Page – March 2022

Deacons' Page

Church Meeting

This page is being written post our Church meeting on 23rd February 2022. One topic discussed is as follows: not having the quorum (the necessary number of people present for decisions to be allowed to be made) required for this meeting; we need more people in attendance to be able to put a vote towards certain topics to finalise decisions. This leaves it open till the next meeting on 23rd March 2022 so all can agree.

It was, however, a good meeting; we were able to talk about various items on the agenda concerning our Church. One of the main criteria we discussed concerns the Safeguarding Certificate from the Congregational Federation. Regarding this, the deacons will be meeting up with Rev. Dave Simms (Safeguarding Officer for our South-East Area) on March 25th 2022, who is travelling from South Chingford Congregational Church in London.

Coming Together 

Our Church will be celebrating the Congregational Federation 50th Anniversary this year. We will consider whether celebrations in the hall for both the 50th Anniversary and the Queens Jubilee will be held on separate occasions or held together. This is open for discussion and to agree on a date or dates (to be discussed). Any ideas or thoughts please let us know.


Last week Friday Storm Eunice arrived with strong winds across London along with a rare red warning. Luckily the Church has come off lightly with no serious damage. We will have to re-cement one of the stones into a small pillar out front and look at the gutters that are probably blocked up with leaves and debris etc. and need to be cleaned. The back of the Church garden also needs addressing; weed clearing. This is so a ladder can be put up safely and the maintenance company we have on our books can have easy access. If anyone would like to help Phil with this gardening job any help is always welcome and again let us deacons know.

Bible Studies

Our morning Bible studies have increased in numbers with Antony looking at John’s Gospel. It’s lovely to have a fellowship in reading and discussion with a hot cup of tea. The evening sessions, again with Antony, will continue with Exodus. We encourage more people to attend to increase our numbers in the next few weeks.

Elizabeth runs the Bible studies on Zoom (online video-conferencing software) once a month on a Wednesday evening 18.30 to 19.30. As you know, it was introduced over a lockdown, and, due to popularity, is still a valued way for some Church members and Church friends to meet up.

Other Church Agenda

We have fixed our Easter dates (these can be seen on the back page of this newsletter).

We heard from Caroline Andrews that Dilys Williams and Pat Cole both had unfortunate falls a few weeks ago; they have our thoughts and prayers for their full recovery.

Salome Ocquaye and Jemima Ocran are heading off to Ghana. We wish them a good journey, and a safe return.

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