Deacons’ Page – October 2023

Deacons' Page

Despite two months having passed since the previous Deacons’ Meeting, there was very little on the agenda when we convened again early in September. There is a reason why we take a break from meetings during the traditional holiday month of August. And this being one of those months when the deadline for the newsletter falls before the date of Church Meeting, there is obviously nothing to report from that particular source either.

Nevertheless, by the time this newsletter is published our annual Harvest Supper will have taken place and, hopefully, a goodly quantity of Marios’ reliably excellent fish and chips will have been consumed by a respectable number of attendees, and conversation and fellowship enjoyed by many.

One item which routinely appears on the agenda for Deacons’ Meeting is that of “Pastoral Concerns”, when we update each other upon the various injuries, ailments and maladies which sadly beset members and friends of the Church from time to time. We continue to pray for Dilys Williams, who is receiving full-time care in Hounslow, and for Pat Cole who has been suffering back pain. We are grateful too for the tentative steps to recovery being made by Jeannette Butler almost a year on from her terrible accident whilst walking home from Church (see Deacons’ Page – November 2022). Jeanette’s presence and insightful contributions are always much missed by her fellow members and we pray that her steady progress will continue.

Elizabeth Crewes, attending in her capacity as Church Treasurer, reported on the damp on the wall above the Church organ and it was agreed that we would seek an expert opinion. Elizabeth was also pursuing an “Open the Book” project in primary schools following a contact via Rev. Barbara McIntivey and would keep us informed of any future developments.

At the time of printing we look forward to reconvening Church Meeting on Wednesday and to the company and contributions of members aplenty returning refreshed and revitalised following their summer break.

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