Deacons’ Page – September 2023

Deacons' Page

We’ve had a relatively ‘quiet’ holiday month, without much happening apart from our services of worship, which some (not quite all) of us have very much appreciated; but from September we’ll be getting back to normal in most ways.

We’ve solved ‘the pigeon problem’, without draining the Church’s finances, thanks to an extraordinarily generous donation from Wimbledon Congregational Church, which resulted from Elizabeth Crewes mentioning the problem at a South-East-Area meeting of the Congregational Federation. All the offending birds have been evicted (except for three squabs, too young to fly, being cared for by the WWF) and access to the stairwell has been netted to inhibit any recurrence. Local Churches should always be helping each other, of course, but this donation was totally unexpected and greatly appreciated.

Our Bible Studies will resume their normal pattern (please see the Home page for details) and this would surely be a good time for ‘newcomers’ to join us. Antony routinely leads most of the studies, with Elizabeth helping out occasionally when he’s unable so to do. There’s no obligation to participate, so if you’d rather just come and listen, that’s fine – and in the mornings there’s even tea/coffee and biscuits as an added incentive!

We’ve not yet agreed a time for our ‘fish-n-chips’ Harvest Supper on September 23rd – last year it was 6.30 p.m. – but please ‘listen out’ for an announcement during our services.

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