Deacons’ Page – December 2022

Deacons' Page

We achieved a quorum for our all-important Annual Church Meeting – just – although for a time it had looked precarious. This meeting is especially important as it enables us to elect our deacons and officers for the Church year that is to come.

Before getting on to that particular business though, there are everyday matters of routine housekeeping as with every Church Meeting, and even these demand the requisite number of attendees to ensure that any proposals or resolutions are approved or declined.

One such on this occasion was a suggestion that some of our Communion services might be taken by preachers other than Antony, whose role it almost invariably is at present, both visiting and home grown. As Congregationalists we do not require those taking this service to be ordained, which opens the door to a world of possibility. Antony made it clear that he was happy to continue to take both morning and evening Communion services, for which we were grateful, although the view was expressed that we had no right to simply expect him to do so. The meeting agreed that at least one or two others should be “trained up” to enable them to stand in in an emergency, but felt there was no reason to ask external preachers to provide this service for us – especially in the event of us having built a team of our own for this very purpose.

Elizabeth presented us with a detailed breakdown of the Church’s finances, complete with a helpful account of all the incomings and outgoings which had taken place over the past twelve months. Reports provided by the various officers of the Church were heard, including the Annual Church Report which chronicles the events of the year just gone. A request for help with and participation in the Flower Rota was left with members to ruminate upon.

Nominations for the diaconate were the same ones as last year, with the exception of Jeannette who is of course preoccupied right now with the process of recovering from the horrific injuries which she sustained after being hit by a car on the way home from a morning service at the beginning of October. Jeannette’s contribution has been immense over the past year and we hope and pray that she will be back with us soon, fighting fit and raring to go. In the event Trisha, Antony and Phil were re-elected to serve.

The rest of the team was as per the previous Church year – Elizabeth as Treasurer, Phil as Secretary, Sally as Pulpit Secretary, Caroline Flower Secretary and Antony Minute Secretary. Jemima was thanked for once again laying the wreath at the annual Remembrance Day parade.

Plans for the putting up of the Christmas tree and the provision of mince pies following Carols by Candlelight heralded a relentless determination to keep the wheels of industry turning throughout.

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