Deacons’ Page – July 2022

Deacons' Page

It would be great to have more members attending our monthly Church meetings. All our members are invited to come along every month at 8pm so they can be part of the decision making that affects the Isleworth Congregational Church community.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 27th July at 8pm. It was discussed that we may need to reduce the quorate numbers required from 8 Church members to 6, due to low attendance at these meetings. Another possibility is having regular Church meetings after a Sunday service instead.

It has been a busy month with lots to write about:

Church Garden.

Hosanna have kindly offered to help with the garden on 9th July between 10am to 12 noon; if anyone would like to come along and join in you are most welcome. It will be nice to meet up with some of the people from Hosanna. It would be a great help to receive any gardening tools, so please do bring those along.


Elizabeth has one quote from Sullivans, and she is awaiting another from Elson, so hopefully we can go ahead soon. With the garden being cleared out it will be a lot easier for the contractor to carry out the repairs. Phil is awaiting a reply from Hounslow Council to eventually claim money back

on the tree that has done the damage.

Isleworth Congregational Church Book.

Antony has written a book on our Church that is roughly 20 years old, which Phil and Caroline have been reading-up on. Phil mentioned at our Church meeting that it would be a good idea to get it published, as the book would reach a bigger audience.

Other Items.

  1. Elizabeth has put the new first aid box in the kitchen and Sally has got the rota in place for the teas and coffees, thank you to everyone who is helping out
  2. Thank you to Neha for making such a lovely chocolate cake the other week and good luck with the Photo exhibition on the 30th June, 3.15pm – 5.15pm, at Isleworth Town Hall.
  3. We have our Jubilee Tea on Saturday 25th June. This will be a good get-together.

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