Deacons’ Page – October 2022

Deacons' Page

As I am writing the Deacons’ Page I’m listening to Bradwell’s Church bells chime, being away on holiday in Derbyshire and thinking of the recent Deacons’ Pages and next week’s Church Meeting. Antony is about to produce the monthly newsletter for October already, which seems unbelievable as we head into Autumn already.

With autumn in mind, the next Gift Day date will October 9th, as agreed at our May Church Meeting. If anyone is thinking about making their donations go further in Church, and you pay tax, gift aid would therefore make sense in providing extra income for the Church. Please see Elizabeth, our treasurer, for further details.

We will be looking at ways of highlighting our services more easily from the front of the Church at our next Church Meeting on the 28th September, so please put the date in your diaries so we can make a decision on this.

The rear garden, although small, has had most of the ivy cut back and has revealed an old brick wall and the side path. There is still more gardening to do but one can definitely see the results from our Church’s and Hosanna’s hard work. Hopefully next year we may be able to use the area with some gardening ideas from everyone.

Finally it’s great to meet up for tea and coffee, after our Sunday morning Church services, with home-made cake and biscuits, thank you especially to Neha for all her baking. On these occasions we also have an opportunity to see and talk to the preachers who work so hard to produce a written service, choose hymns and prayers for us each Sunday.

Thank you to Elizabeth and Sally for sorting out the Harvest Festival evening on the Saturday 24th and we look forward to our Harvest Festival services on Sunday 25th September.

Also we wish Elizabeth all the best in starting her new course at Roehampton University in September.

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