The joint service on the 18th September

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by Elizabeth Crewes

Isleworth Joint Church Service, 18th September 2021

The weather was dry and bright, a good omen, the Lord blessed the venture; as the days either side were very mixed with cloud and rain.

Chairs were placed in the grounds of St. John’s with social distance respected, the sound system was plugged in and a run through of the hymns and songs was good. A table was provided for refreshments, with tea urn and coffee machine working and cakes and biscuits displayed.

Guest started to arrive just before 3pm, this included the participants, vicars Ali Walton, Peter Vanozzi, Dave Maclure and speakers Neha and Sally.

We started on time with an introduction by Dave who is the vicar of St. John’s, this was followed by communal singing and a reading from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and prayers. Neha read a poem she had written called ‘What would we do differently’. Sally gave a teacher’s view to life and teaching during the lockdown and pandemic.

Time was given for reflection and to remember with the opportunity to place a written label on a table to be blessed. This was followed by the last hymn which was appropriately called The Lockdown Hymn. Dave knew the author of the hymn and he also closed the service with a prayer.

Following the service we enjoyed the refreshments and chat with members from the local churches of Isleworth. Let’s hope this is the start of many more ventures together.

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