Open the Book

Bible Study Children Elizabeth Crewes

by Elizabeth Crewes

You may be wondering what Open the Book is all about, it is part of the out-reach work of the Bible Society. It is made up of volunteers known as story tellers, who visit primary schools, bringing the Bible to life in an interesting and fun way. The teams are made up of between four and eight members using drama, props and costumes, (not very fancy ones). These make all the difference and help the understanding of the story for the young children.

Prior to 2020 and the Covid lockdown I helped with a small group organised by Barbara McIntivey, we visited a primary school once a term, telling/performing a Bible story at a morning assembly. Our small group was made up of members from different local churches with the same aim to bring Bible stories to the children, many of whom are of different religious and ethnic back grounds. The Bible story would last for about 10 minutes and we would close with a prayer.

Since the lockdown the small group has folded, I am looking to revive it and therefore need volunteers. I have been in touch with a local vicar who has contacts with a couple of local schools and is interested in helping me with this venture. I am very much at the gathering of interested people stage, and would love to have help from anyone who would be interested to find out more. If so I could arrange for a member from the Bible Society’s ‘Open the Book’ team to come and talk to us.

Please pray that God will guide me and any interested people in this venture.

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