Deacons’ Page – February 2023

Deacons' Page

An unwelcome new record was broken on Wednesday when only four people – including the three Deacons – braved the dreary weather conditions to attend the first scheduled Church Meeting of 2023.

It was remarked upon that even if we had followed up on suggestions to reduce the quorum to six, put on ice last year following several successful meetings in the summer, we would not have been able to take decisions. Of course we are aware that we have something of a sick list right now, along with some seasonable winter holidays in sunnier climes and general yucky weather, but it’s at times like this when those who are able really do need to try to make that extra effort.

Which brings us, of course, to the subject of Church membership itself: with one reluctant resignation and two of our regulars set to move out of the area, could this be a time for those regular members of our congregation who have yet to commit to full membership of the Church to give prayerful thought as to whether they might wish to step up?

All the same, those present were able to discuss topical matters if not to actually vote upon them. One of the things we did deliberate upon was the Carols by Candlelight service which we held in December, and how we could maybe make the corresponding fixture in 2023 into a larger and more ambitious event. One suggestion was that we print a one-off glossy leaflet in the weeks leading up to it and to distribute it (with appropriate permissions) to “easy” drop venues such as the hospital, local businesses, sheltered units, and blocks with a concierge and/or a noticeboard. Volunteers would be available to perform the necessary leg work involved.

Caroline also suggested the possible installation of a couple of ground lights close to the door to light up the building and to provide it with a more “open for business” aspect – and offered to pay for this from her regular contributions to the Church. The idea was warmly received, but would need to go to a quorate Church Meeting for discussion.

The Meeting heard that we had a number of members and friends who were unwell, or recovering from injury or accidents, and prayers would be said for them. In particular our prayers right now are for Jeannette, Dilys and Valerie, as well as for anyone else who cannot presently attend Church due to illness or incapacity.

Listed among the items of Correspondence (which had been “whittled down” to fifteen!) was an announcement of the forthcoming International Congregational Fellowship Quadrennial Conference in Fiji in late July. The theme is to be “The Good News that Transforms!” A reminder perhaps that however small and inconsequential our own contribution may sometimes appear to be, we are in fact a part of something much bigger and in some ways more exotic. It’s an open invitation, so start saving now!

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