Deacons’ Page – January 2023

Deacons' Page

There’s not really much to say this month. We covered the November Church Meeting last month and there’s no Church Meeting scheduled for December – and even if there were, it would be ‘too late’ for this newsletter, which is due for publication on Christmas Day!

We held our ‘Carols by Candlelight’ service last Sunday evening and it was disastrously poorly attended – a congregation of just a dozen or so, some of whom had to ‘double up’ in order to provide the necessary eight readers. In the ‘good old days’ our church would be crowded, not just with Church Members but also their spouses, their children, former attendees of our Sunday School and youth groups (sometimes with their spouses) and even the occasional complete stranger – but, alas, ‘fings ain’t what they used to be’. We did still gather for tea/coffee and mince pies after the service, so at least in that respect there was plenty to go around.

Our Morning & Evening Bible Studies continue – with slightly increasing average attendances. In the New Year we’ll be continuing our study of the Acts of the Apostles in the mornings and beginning Matthew’s Gospel in the evenings – so if you can brave the dark evenings then January 4th might be an opportunity to keep a New Year’s Resolution.

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