Deacons’ Page – October 2021

Deacons' Page

The end of September… soon to be the beginning of October. Back end my dad used to call it. Autumn, the end of the year approaching with cooler weather.

This has been a busy week and weekend. We held our church meeting on Wednesday in the hall which was quorate … so thank you to those who came and enabled business to continue. We discussed many and various matters including the revamping of the church website , arrangements for Christmas services, the resumption of both bible studies and coffee after church services. There was heard the possibility of another hall hiring… very useful as we do need the money!

You may have noticed a bright shiny new ramp in position at the Worton Rd entrance. The old one had become unsafe as the wood had rotted in places. Elizabeth had managed to get a replacement fitted and we have the addition of what appear to be very efficient non slip stripes.

The Big Coffee morning held for the Macmillan Cancer charity in the hall on Friday morning was attended by 7 people … so wasn’t very big! But a small amount of money was raised for a charity which may have been a part of the lives of you, a family member or people you know. We had a lot of cake left to eat at our Harvest Tea… which at the time of writing is tomorrow afternoon but by the time you are reading it will have taken place so we may all be very calorie overladen!

Harvest is the time of year to give thanks for all our blessings… food in particular as we harvest all the crops. I do hope your garden has produced well this year. Many of us have taken to doing more in the garden this year and last as we may have had more time at home to be able to do so. Nothing beats going out into your garden and getting fresh fruit or vegetables to go straight to your plate.

Talking of gardens… the church garden on Worton Rd is looking more than a little untidy and in need of care and attention. A gardening / tidying party is needed! If even six of us gathered, weeded, cut back, trimmed and swept away, it would be looking good in about an hour! So… a Saturday afternoon project… please let us know when you can help ….watch this space…

It is encouraging to be able to open up church activities a little more after so long being forced to live by covid restrictions. However it isn’t a total free for all yet and we do need to use common sense and consideration. The virus is still there… here, there and everywhere. We do need to make sure we are taking suitable precautions and protecting ourselves and those who may be vulnerable. So please carry on doing what is needed… which may change as we progress into Autumn. Stay safe!

The Deacons

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